Friend of the Court

Oakland County Friend of the Court

If you are involved in a divorce or custody matter in Oakland County Michigan than you need to know about the Oakland County Friend of the Court.Like the name implies, the Friend of the Court (“FOC”) assists the Oakland County Divorce and Family Court Judges. If an Oakland County divorce or Child custody or Child[…]

Child Custody Laws in Michigan – The case of Farris v. Farris

On December 17, 2019, the Michigan Court of Appeal issued an opinion in the case of Kristina Reslin Farris vs. Eric Daniel Farris. The case examines child custody laws of Michigan after the trial court awarded Kristina sole legal custody and sole physical custody of the parties’ two minor children. Eric had a history of[…]

motion to change custody

Motion to change custody – Friend of the Court schooled!

On September 21, 2017, the Michigan Court of Appeals reviewed the case of Christopher Gucwa v. Maranda Lee.  Miranda asked the Court of Appeals to review the dismissal of her Motion to change custody. A Motion is a term of art used in the legal profession to ask the court to do something and Miranda[…]

joint custody

Child custody appeal – What you can do if the court got it wrong.

Sometimes things do not go as planned. Parents typically celebrate after a child is born.  Unfortunately, many relationships end, and if parents cannot agree on custody or parenting time of a child, the Michigan divorce or custody court will decide how custody is awarded and parenting time is spent.  When a court makes the wrong[…]

The Friend of the Court Referee

The Friend of the Court Referee A Friend of the court referee is appointed by the chief Judge to assist in Michigan divorce, custody and domestic relations cases.  A Michigan Friend of the Court Referee power is defined in Michigan Compiled Laws Section 552.507. Michigan law (MCL 552.507) provides that a Friend of the Court[…]

Sue a Judge

Can you sue a Judge or the Friend of the Court? Judicial Immunity

Can you sue a Judge or the Friend of the Court?  Judicial Immunity – By: Daniel Findling (c) 2014 What if a Judge or the Friend of the Court makes a negligent or intentional error? Can you sue a Judge? Nope. Can you sue the Friend of the Court? Maybe. Why not? Because of a concept[…]

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