Custody in Michigan

Child custody laws in Michigan

Michigan child custody laws provide a two-step process for determining child custody. The first step determines the existence of an establish custodial environment which determines the burden of proof required. The second step examines the best interest of the child factors which must be examined by the court applying the applicable burden of proof.

Custody in Michigan

Changing custody in Michigan Video

This video on changing custody in Michigan (custody modification) video webinar provides the most updated information on modifying child custody and an existing child custody order. We believe that knowledge is not only comforting but will put you in control of your situation which is why we created the Michigan Divorce Education Series and in[…]

joint custody

Child custody appeal – What you can do if the court got it wrong.

Sometimes things do not go as planned. Parents typically celebrate after a child is born.  Unfortunately, many relationships end, and if parents cannot agree on custody or parenting time of a child, the Michigan divorce or custody court will decide how custody is awarded and parenting time is spent.  When a court makes the wrong[…]

Established custodial environment

Why is the established custodial environment so important in Michigan child custody cases?

The established custodial environment. Under Michigan child custody law, the established custodial environment is the parent a child naturally looks to for guidance, discipline, the necessities of life, and parental comfort.  The law defining the established custodial environment is Michigan Compiled Laws, section 722.27. Why is the established custodial environment so important? The established custodial environment is important[…]

Custody in Michigan – Best interest of the child factor (b)

Custody in Michigan – Best interest of the child factor (b) One of the twelve “best interest of the child” child custody factors set forth in the Child Custody Act is best interest of the child factor (b).  Best interest of the child factor (b) examines the capacity and disposition of the parties involved to[…]

Physical custody in Michigan

Physical custody in Michigan

Physical custody in Michigan:  By: Daniel Findling Physical custody in Michigan explained. Unlike legal custody, which awards a parent with access to the educational, medical, religious and other pertinent records of the child.  Physical custody in Michigan is not easily defined. The problem with defining Physical custody in Michigan arises from the current child custody[…]

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