Frustrated and thinking about divorce?

Happiness and “in love” are not always equal. You can remain in love with your spouse and remain unhappy in your marriage. Communication, trust and forgiveness may be cornerstones to a successful marriage, however, so is happiness. After all, everyone should have a right to be happy. If you are frustrated and thinking about divorce you are not alone. In 2022 there were 50,992 marriages and 20,812 divorces.


Anger, disfunction and conflict may permiate to the surface without explanation and divorce is one of three options to consider if you are unhappy and considering divorce.

“. . . for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part. . .”

Traditional marriage vows

Sometimes divorce is the best option.

If you are frustrated and thinking about divorce, consider the three options:

  1. You can do nothing. Sometimes doing nothing is the best option. For example, if someone is scared to be alone, that fear may overshadow being in an unhappy marriage. However, if you decide to pursue this option, be fair to yourself and those around you by not complaining about your marriage.
  2. Second, you can try to work on the nature of the problem through therapy or marriage counselling. However, if you or your spouse is unwilling to commit to the process, divorce may be the best option.
  3. Third, you can pursue a divorce or divorce alternative such as a legal separation.

It is important to understand that all three decisions are good decisions depending on your circumstances. However, keep in mind the notion that everyone has a right to be happy, even you or the person you may be worried about.

If you are frustrated and thinking about divorce, call us. We can talk with you about your options, both immediate and long term. Everyone has a right to be happy, even if you still love your spouse. Let’s discuss how you can move toward your new happiness and get on the path towards it with the fewest bumps.

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