The use of a Discovery deposition at trial

Discovery is the formal process by which you “discover” information relevant to the case. In a Michigan divorce, custody or family law case, discovery is conducted in three ways.  First, Interrogatories (think Interrogate) which are written questions which must be answered under oath and subject to the felony of perjury.  Second, a Subpoena, which is[…]

I love you but I cannot live with you: Divorce without hate

Generally speaking, family law is notorious for high-conflict with emotions running high. Some cases involve thousands of dollars being spent purely out of spite or “principle.” When children are involved, parents sometimes put them in the middle of the dispute and exercise them as leverage. In short, some cases are incredibly difficult – both emotionally[…]

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Someone to Lean On during a Divorce

Need someone to lean on during divorce? It may come as no surprise that a divorce may bring difficult times. The parties involved, the family, and even close friends may feel the impact of the process. You likely need someone to lean on. Emotions can range from relief, to despair, to anger, to hurt, to[…]

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Losing the Emotional Baggage So You Can Move on with Your Life

Regardless of whether you think that your life was better or worse before your divorce, you’re still left with a lingering set of emotions as you maneuver your way through the process. These emotions – this baggage – can be holding you back from finding happiness again. Consider how losing the emotional baggage can help[…]

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Spare the Grey Hairs: 10 Ways a Divorce Lawyer Can Save You Money and Aggravation

Here at Findling Law, we appreciate how anxious you may be to get your divorce over as soon as possible. In fact, you may be scrolling through the extensive library of divorce materials on our website right now, educating yourself on a variety of Michigan divorce law topics, as well as how to best prepare[…]


The Path Toward Your New Happiness: Resolutions for the Newly-Divorced

For the newly-divorced, the goals might be less about decluttering, a regular workout schedule, or eating clean. A divorce offers the chance to forge a path toward your new happiness.    Healthy Boundaries (It’s Not About Salad) During the course of your marriage, you and your spouse had a set of boundaries, often unspoken, about[…]

Michigan divorce statistics

15 Mind-Blowing Michigan Divorce Statistics

Mind Blowing Michigan Divorce Statistics. Divorce is nothing new, nor is it something that rarely happens anymore. Everyone knows someone who has divorced. And, that is just as true here in the state of Michigan. Take a look at these mind-blowing Michigan Divorce Statistics.   All stats here refer to the year 2015 unless noted otherwise.[…]

Marriage is ending

10 Tips for Staying Productive when your Marriage is Ending.

Moving forward with your life is so hard when your marriage is ending. It can be really hard to stay focused and get anything done at home, work, or school. There are some little things that you can do to regain some of that focus and stay productive when you just want to curl up[…]

Christmas divorce

Christmas gifts, wedding gifts, engagement ring and divorce.

Tis the season to be merry. . . but what if you don’t want to be?  How does a court decide who gets the Christmas gifts? Michigan law regarding property division provides the answer.  A general rule of Michigan divorce property law is the notion that property acquired during the course of the marriage is[…]

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Dropping the Bombshell: How to Tell Your Spouse You Want a Divorce

So, you’ve done your soul searching, a lot of solid research in our extensive information library, and spoken with your Findling Law divorce attorney about your situation. You have concluded that divorce is right for you. Now, it’s time to think of how to tell your spouse you want a divorce. Know what you want[…]

Burden of proof divorce

The burden of child custody – burden of proof case law

When fighting for custody in a Michigan divorce or custody case you have an obligation to prove your claims with evidence.  This obligation is called the burden of proof. The different Michigan child custody burden of proofs are: Clear and convincing evidence which requires evidence that the claim is very highly probable; and Preponderance of[…]


Michigan divorce and Michigan Custody law – equity

Law and Equity – Doing what is fair in Michigan divorce and Michigan custody cases. In Michigan divorce and Michigan custody cases, the judge sits in both law and equity.  Divorce and custody law is the written rules of law found in statutes, court rules and court cases.  Equity is best described as doing what[…]

The Selfless Divorce

The Selfless Divorce.  By:  Daniel Findling Divorce is sometimes described as a selfish act, especially when children are involved.  How many times have you heard or been a participant in a conversation like this: “Did you hear  ______ is getting a divorce . . . I feel so bad for the children . . .[…]


Private Investigator and Michigan divorce

Something is not right . . . should I hire a private investigator?  By:  Daniel Findling (c) 2014 When people think of a private investigator they might think of Magnum PI or an anonymous looking person sitting in a car, eating a cheese burger while trying to catch a cheating spouse in the act.  Reality[…]

Conscious uncoupling: “spirit”, “soul” and divorce

Conscious uncoupling:  “spirit”, “soul” and divorce:  According to People magazine, Gwyneth Paltrow’s mentor, Dr. Habib Sadeghi introduced her to the notion of conscious uncoupling which apparently introduces the term “spirit” or “soul” into a divorce and her recent announcement of conscious uncoupling with her husband of 10 years, Chris Martin, has made headlines, both praising[…]

Ex Parte Orders and Michigan divorce law

Ex Parte Orders and Michigan divorce law:  As a Michigan divorce attorney one question I often get asked is what is an Ex Parte order? “Ex Parte” is a Latin legal term meaning “from one party”.  Simply put, an Ex Parte order is an order submitted to the court without first having a hearing or[…]

How to make your Divorce a living nightmare

How to make your Divorce a living nightmare:  Divorce can be one of life’s most stressful events.  Experts on stress suggest that you learn how to relax and pay attention to your emotional needs, keep yourself physically fit and maintain realistic goals to help you navigate the stress of divorce and move on with your[…]

Michigan Divorce Appeal – Navigating the Michigan Court of Appeals

 Michigan Divorce Appeal – Navigating the Michigan Court of Appeals:  Sometimes a trial court does not make the right decision.  A custody determination, property division or alimony award that is just wrong.  What can you do?  The answer is to request an appeal at the Michigan Court of Appeals. Generally, decisions from “final orders” of[…]

Religious divorce and Michigan divorce law

Religious divorce and Michigan divorce law:  Religion plays an important role for many.  When a divorce is pending, religion can also play an important role. For the pious, a divorce through the courts is not enough and although they are required under Michigan divorce law, the parties will also seek a religious divorce. In Christianity[…]

Marriage and Divorce conflict of laws – Full Faith and Credit & Comity

Marriage and Divorce conflict of laws – Full Faith and Credit & Comity:  When we recite the pledge of allegiance we are reminded that we are one nation under god, but the United States is composed of fifty independent States with different laws that often conflict with each other. A Michigan divorce is valid in[…]

Obamacare The Affordable Care Act and Michigan divorce

Obamacare The Affordable Care Act and Michigan divorce:  According to the University of Michigan, a divorce results in about 115,000 women losing their private health insurance every year. Many rely on the Consolidated Omnibus Business Reconciliation Act (COBRA) to provide relief.  If a former spouse is employed by a company that offers health insurance (and[…]

How to divide Retirement accounts in a divorce

How to divide retirement accounts in a Michigan divorce:  When property is divided in a divorce, lawyers and judges typically focus on property acquired during the course of the marriage.  Retirement accounts are considered property and come in all shapes and sizes.  So what are the major types of retirement plans and how do we[…]

Michigan divorce planning video – What to do before you file

Michigan Divorce Education Series Michigan divorce planning:  Before you have the “talk”, it might be in your best interest to sit down and talk with a qualified divorce specialist.  Proper divorce planning can play an important role in not only how much your divorce case will cost but how stressful the process will be. Before[…]

Michigan Divorce Formal Process video – divorce steps

Michigan divorce steps:  This video is a complete – everything you need to know – explanation of Michigan law and strategy covering the steps of a divorce.  The basic and not so basic divorce steps are discussed and explained.  I am hopeful you find it both empowering and educational.  A summary of the topics covered[…]

Michigan Property division video

Michigan Divorce Education Series – Property division Divorce in Michigan  – Property Division:  This video Webinar is a comprehensive explanation of Michigan law and strategy covering property division.  Key learnings and strategies are discussed.  I am hopeful you find it both empowering and educational.  A summary of the topics covered is provided below.  (run time[…]

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