July 24, 2014

Michigan divorce and family law education series. The videos.

The videos posted below are part of the Michigan divorce and family law  education series. Produced by Findling Law as a service to our clients and potential clients.


New releases (c) 2019-2020

Family Law videos (c) 2013-2018 on YouTube

Family Law videos (c) 2013-2018 on Vimeo


About Findling Law

Have you found yourself worrying about the outcome of a divorce or custody case but have not found the right resources to put yourself at ease? At Findling Law, we believe that knowledge can not only be comforting but will put you in control of your situation. That is why we created the Michigan Divorce and Family Law Education Series. Since its inception in 2013, some of our video webinars have exceeded 100,000 views. It is our hope that our articles, videos and brochures will bring comfort to the person you and your loved ones. We recently began updating these resources and invite you to explore.    In 2019, we began creating NEW video content and in 2020 we began updating our more popular videos. We remain committed to providing free information and these divorce video and family law videos one of many resources made available to you. Of course, we provide excellent representation and are ready to help you now.

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