Custody in Michigan – Best interest of the child factor (h)

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One of the twelve child custody factors set forth in the Child Custody Act is best interest of the child factor (h).  Best interest of the child factor (h) addresses the home school and community record of the child.


Not every child is the perfect student nor is every parent the perfect parent.  The key consideration in best interest of the child of the child factor (h) is parental involvement and responsibility rather than grades.

The best interest of the child factor (h) is also important in a parenting time case.  Both the Child Custody Act and the Parenting time statute looks at the best interest of the child.

So how can a court examine best interest of the child factor (h)?

Like every best interest of the child factor, Michigan divorce and Michigan custody lawyers, the Friend of the Court and judges ask questions. Best interest of the child factor (h) examines the home school and community record of the child.

Sample questions regarding the best interest of the child factor (h) include:

  • What is the name of the school your child attends?
  • How is the child doing in school?
  • Who helps with homework?
  • Do you attend parent teacher conferences?
  • Does the child participate in extra-curricular activities?
  • What are the names of your child’s teachers?
  • How is the child’s attendance at school?  
  • Is the child tardy or late for school?

As with every best interest factor, providing specific examples may be paramount in preparing for success.  For example, just because a child is succeeding or doing poor in school does not mean a parent is doing everything right or wrong.  A parent is not necessarily to blame for a child’s success or struggles with school.  Parental involvement is key.

When preparing for a custody in Michigan case or parenting time case, preparation is key.  Since every custody in Michigan case is unique having an understanding of the law related to custody in Michigan is paramount.  We can help.

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