January 25, 2012

How to Choose a Michigan Divorce Attorney

How to choose a Michigan divorce attorney:  Divorce is stressful for most, for some it is a relief. A person will usually experience some form of denial, shock and confusion before being able to let go of the relationship. Unfortunately, in addition to navigating the emotional component of a divorce, you must also choose an attorney.

We practice law to help people navigate change in their life without compromising principles.

We provide more information on Michigan divorce and family law than any other law firm, along with the statutes and case law to back up what we say and we mean more than just the basics.  Let our edaniel photo standingxceptional and award winning Michigan divorce attorneys and legal team help you achieve your goals and manage your situation.


We encourage you to ask a question from our specialized Michigan divorce and family law attorneys, support staff and paralegals.  We practice Michigan divorce and family law exclusively and are ready to help.  We would love to hear from you by phone, email or in person. Let it be our privilege.

Choosing a competent family law divorce attorney will allow you to focus your energy on your life, managing the emotional component of the divorce. The attorney should focus his/her energy on the legal component of your divorce, specifically, the division of property, money, debt and the award of spousal support. If children are involved, the attorney will also address issues relating to child custody and support.

Our attorneys are smart, competentcompassionate and honest.  A smart family law attorney understands that latest changes in the law.  A competent family law attorney knows the law.  A compassionate family law attorney will ask the client what he/she wants. An honest family law attorney will tell the client if his/her goals are achievable.

Top 10 divorce questions to ask your divorce lawyer?

Divorce Question #10.   What other areas of the law do you practice?

Divorce Question #9.     Will you represent me or assign me to an associate?

Divorce Question #8.     How do you bill?

Divorce Question #7.     How much is my divorce going to cost?

Divorce Question #6.     What is the divorce process?

Divorce Question #5.     How long does it take to get divorce?

Divorce Question #4.     How can we get this over fair and quick?

Divorce Question #3.     What is worth fighting over?

Divorce Question #2.     How often do you settle cases vs. litigate?

Divorce Question #1.     Are my goals achievable?

Remember, your relationship with your divorce lawyer is important.  A good fit is key to ensure your expectations are met.  Nothing beats an in person consultation to help you evaluate your concerns.

The difference between a good and a better divorce attorney is in the details. For example:

Good vs. better
good divorce attorney knows the rules for dividing property in divorce. A better divorce attorney knows how to maximize his/her client’s position while the opposing party thinks the deal is fair.
good family law attorney will advise a client on the best path to take to resolve an issue. better family law attorney will advise the client on the best path to resolve an issue but not be afraid to argue the client’s position.
good family law attorney settles cases. better divorce attorney settles cases, but if a fight is waged, will be committed to working harder than the opponent to win.

Additional Considerations:

I recommend considering the following when choosing a divorce attorney:

  • Initial consultations should be free and specific. A thorough review of your issues is the only way to adequately quote a fee.
  • Avoid flat fee divorces. Attorneys who quote a flat fee often fail to adequately represent the client if the case becomes difficult.
  • A divorce attorney should be able to estimate the cost to complete the divorce and provide monthly updates of costs.
  • “Men’s rights” or “Women’s rights” marketing campaigns are just that – marketing campaigns and those firms have both competent and incompetent attorneys. A competent divorce lawyer understands the law as it applies to both men and women.
  • Communication is important. Phone calls should be promptly returned and the client should be fully informed of his/her case at all times. Your attorney should have more than one avenue of communication such as telephone, fax, email, meetings, etc.
  • Divorce is a highly specialized field. Be cautious with the attorney whose practice includes multiple areas. Many attorneys practice divorce law as a means of supplementing their income. You need an attorney who knows divorce law so well that he/she does not waste energy or time learning the law which may be costly and cause delays.
  • A divorce attorney should attend at least one (if not more) continuing legal education seminar on family law per year. It is also great if your attorney is asked to lecture at seminars to other lawyers on the issues of family law. (hint, hint . . .)

By:  Daniel Findling

The Divorce Guy, Michigan Divorce Attorneys and Specialists




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