Divorce when you still love each other

Sometimes things don’t get better. You are afraid to talk to your spouse. When you do, you feel like you are being judged, disregarded or ashamed. You start keeping secrets and contemplate having an affair. Maybe you feel that your spouse is worthless, however you still are in love. You are conflicted, torn and confused. If reconciliation is not possible and divorce is likely, consider the following guide to divorce when you still love each other.


Divorce when you still love each other.

Collaborative divorce:  A collaborative divorce involves lawyers, mediators and therapists to help navigate the divorce process through mediation and negotiations. Collaborative lawyers often boast of substantial savings, however, in practice, the savings are not always realized as there is significant expense associated with the multiple disciplines involved in the process. However, the concept of mediation and negotiation is useful in obtaining a divorce when you still love each other.

Traditional divorce: Many are afraid of a traditional divorce with the “fight and win” attitude. However, the right lawyer can help you achieve your goals through mediation and negotiation and without going to trial. Unlike a collaborative divorce, you do not have to start over if mediation and negotiations does not work out, saving you money. You can obtain a traditional divorce when you still love each other and remain civil, provided the parties are committed to doing so and you have the right lawyer.

The key to obtaining a divorce when you still love each other is to choose the right lawyer for the job. Let me explain. While no two people are alike, experience suggests that most lawyers (and people) express themselves predominantly as an artist or an engineer.

The artist lawyer can size up the issues, parties and navigate around emotional issues to achieve a result. The engineer lawyer is inflexible, system oriented and rigid. Both the lawyer artist and engineer understand the law, however, the artist lawyer focuses on goals, rather than the rigid application of the law, encouraging settlement, helping you navigate a divorce when you still love each other while achieving favorable results at a cost savings.

It is important to have a lawyer who has the qualities of an artist and an engineer, depending upon the case and the circumstance. However, in navigating a divorce when you still love each other, the lawyer artist is king, providing you the best opportunity to divorce without ending up hating each other.

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By:  Daniel Findling

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