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Statute of Limitations on child support is no more – the work around!

On September 18, 2018, the traditional rule that a civil action to enforce a child support order is subject to a 10-year statutory limitations period. MCL 600.5809(4); People v Monaco, 474 Mich 48, 54-55; 710 NW2d 46 (2006) has been turned on its head by the Michigan Court of Appeals in a recently published opinion[…]

Child support

Case law update:  Retirement Statute of limitations.

A statute of limitations is a law that defines how long a person has to bring a legal action.  In some cases, it simply is time to move on.  For example, the current statute of limitations on unpaid child support is 10 years from the date the last payment is due.  So, if your child[…]


Divorce fraud in Michigan divorce cases – time matters!

Imagine entering into a divorce settlement only to find out later that your spouse committed divorce fraud.  Divorce fraud occurs when someone uses deception to alter a result for financial or personal gain.  The most common divorce fraud involves the value of something, typically a business, real estate or investment.  Divorce fraud occurs when one[…]

Child support

Child support statute of limitations.

Child support statute of limitations Suppose a parent has not paid child support in 10 years, is the child support order still enforceable? The answer is found in the current child support statute of limitations law. Michigan compiled Laws section 600.5809(4) provides that the child support statute of limitations is 10 years from the date[…]

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