How to hide assets in a divorce case.

Why hide assets in a divorce case?   The answer is simple, to prevent sharing the assets with your spouse. WARNING:  Do not hide assets in a divorce case!  –  “Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time” – Baretta.  Hiding assets in a divorce case may be illegal and the consequences will likely[…]

How to prevent divorce fraud?

What is divorce fraud? Divorce fraud occurs when one party in a divorce case intentionally deceives the other party for his or her personal gain. What does Michigan divorce fraud law provide? Previously, we examined the rights available to victims of divorce fraud.  Generally speaking, if you are the victim of divorce fraud you have[…]


Divorce fraud in Michigan divorce cases – time matters!

Imagine entering into a divorce settlement only to find out later that your spouse committed divorce fraud.  Divorce fraud occurs when someone uses deception to alter a result for financial or personal gain.  The most common divorce fraud involves the value of something, typically a business, real estate or investment.  Divorce fraud occurs when one[…]

change mind

Michigan divorce settlement agreement – When can you change your mind?

Michigan divorce settlement agreement: – When can you change your mind? Careful consideration should be taken before entering into a settlement agreement.  As once a settlement agreement is reached you usually cannot disavow it merely because you have a change of heart.   Courts must uphold divorce property settlements reached through negotiation and agreement of the[…]

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