How to divide a pension plan

How to divide a pension plan in a Michigan Divorce?

Every day or so, I receive a phone call from a potential client or lawyer concerning how to divide a pension plan in a Michigan divorce?Traditionally a pension benefit is a work related benefit where the benefit amount is defined by a pension plan. Unlike a defined contribution plan, which reflects a contributed benefit (think a[…]

Child support

Case law update:  Retirement Statute of limitations.

A statute of limitations is a law that defines how long a person has to bring a legal action.  In some cases, it simply is time to move on.  For example, the current statute of limitations on unpaid child support is 10 years from the date the last payment is due.  So, if your child[…]

How to divide Retirement accounts in a divorce

How to divide retirement accounts in a Michigan divorce:  When property is divided in a divorce, lawyers and judges typically focus on property acquired during the course of the marriage.  Retirement accounts are considered property and come in all shapes and sizes.  So what are the major types of retirement plans and how do we[…]

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