Objection to Friend of the Court

Relief from a Judgment of divorce

When property is divided in a Judgment of Divorce is typically final and non-modifiable. However, a party can petition the court for relief from a Judgment of Divorce under MCR 2.612 in certain instances.

Divorce Alternatives

How to get relief from a Judgment of Divorce.

Once a Michigan Judgment of Divorce is entered most people think that things are final and they are right. The limited exception to this rule applies to custody, parenting time and support which can change when there is a change of circumstances.  However, there are certain limited circumstances when you can request a court to[…]


Divorce fraud in Michigan divorce cases – time matters!

Imagine entering into a divorce settlement only to find out later that your spouse committed divorce fraud.  Divorce fraud occurs when someone uses deception to alter a result for financial or personal gain.  The most common divorce fraud involves the value of something, typically a business, real estate or investment.  Divorce fraud occurs when one[…]

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