Michigan divorce process

The Michigan Divorce Education Series.

In 2012, we envisioned a divorce video education series which evolved into the The Michigan Divorce Education Series by Findling Law. The idea was to provide quality information (more than just the basics with case law and statutory support) on Michigan Divorce, Custody, Alimony and support.

School Choice
Move out Michigan Divorce

The decision to move out of your house before divorce.

In almost every Michigan divorce the topic of moving out of the house must be addressed. Moving is tough especially when going through a divorce. Every Michigan divorce has an emotional component and the decision to move out of the home is not without emotional considerations. After all, you worked hard on making your home[…]

best interest of child factors

What is really in your child’s best interest?

You learn some big words in law school.  Take for example the law school phrase, res ipsa loquitur, which is a legal principle that an occurrence of an accident implies negligence or escheat, which involves the forfeiture of property. While the phrase best interest of a child seems simple enough, applying the concept of what is[…]

remote learning

Choice of School – Changing school in a Michigan divorce or custody case.

Choice of School – Changing school in a Michigan Divorce or custody case. By:  Daniel Findling (c) 2015  TheDivorceGuy.com Almost every parent wants the best education for their child.  In most Michigan divorce and custody cases, parties are awarded joint legal custody, As joint legal custodians, parents must jointly make decisions regarding the educational upbringing of their child.[…]

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