Custody in Michigan

What exactly is joint custody in Michigan?

Michigan Compiled Laws section 722.26a, requires parents to be advised of joint custody and the court must consider an award of joint custody at the request of either party.

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Michigan mom facing jail time for not vaccinating her son.

In a recent report by ABC news, Rebecca Bredow indicated that she would “absolutely” rather go to jail than vaccinate her son.  Her former husband, on the other hand wants to follow a regular vaccination schedule and she is refusing to do so. The American Academy of Pediatrics consider vaccinations safe, effective and the most[…]

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Choice of School – Changing school in a Michigan divorce or custody case.

Choice of School – Changing school in a Michigan Divorce or custody case. By:  Daniel Findling (c) 2015 Almost every parent wants the best education for their child.  In most Michigan divorce and custody cases, parties are awarded joint legal custody, As joint legal custodians, parents must jointly make decisions regarding the educational upbringing of their child.[…]

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Joint custody in Michigan – What does it mean?

Joint custody in Michigan – What does it mean? It seems everyone wants Joint custody in Michigan these days but what does Joint custody in Michigan law really mean? We find the answer to this question in Michigan Custody Statute, Michigan Compiled Laws Section 722.26(a)(7). Parenting time or Visitation and Joint Custody in Michigan Under the[…]


Joint legal custody in Michigan

Joint Legal custody in Michigan:  By: Daniel Findling Physical custody and joint legal custody in Michigan explained. Unlike physical custody, sometimes called the custodial parent which defines where a child lives on a day to day basis, legal custody defines the right to make legal decisions for the child regarding education, health care, religion, and[…]

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