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The Michigan Divorce Education Series.

In 2012, we envisioned a divorce video education series which evolved into the The Michigan Divorce Education Series by Findling Law. The idea was to provide quality information (more than just the basics with case law and statutory support) on Michigan Divorce, Custody, Alimony and support.

”I thought this would be faster”: Exploring the nuances of divorce timing in MI cases

A prior post discussed statutory waiting periods in Michigan for divorce matters. In this posting, the practical considerations with divorce timing are explored. Divorce timing – “I just want this to be over” Sound familiar? If this sounds like your mantra, you are not alone. Maybe the divorce has been several years in the making[…]

Michigan divorce

Common Red Flags That Can Signal a Marriage Breakdown

People often say that they should have seen the signs of a deteriorating marriage sooner. It’s hard to notice subtle changes in everyday behavior, though, but you might notice persistent behaviors that just don’t quite add up. We combed many sources and found several recurring themes on this topic. Here are a few common red[…]

Divorce consultation

It Takes a Village: Who to Consult During a Divorce?

Divorce means an endless number of things to think about, plus an endless supply of emotion to contend with at the same time. Everything you knew to be solid and secure is now uprooted and potentially at risk. Change is in the wind. Big change. That’s why it’s critical that you consult with the people[…]


Discovery and Michigan divorce video

Discovery and Michigan divorce:  Almost every Michigan divorce case settles.  However, not every settlement is fair.  The best way to insure a good settlement is proper preparation and discovery is the formal process by which lawyers prepare a case for trial or settlement. Discovery is used to “discover” evidence that is relevant to your case. […]

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