Michigan divorce process

The Michigan Divorce Education Series.

In 2012, we envisioned a divorce video education series which evolved into the The Michigan Divorce Education Series by Findling Law. The idea was to provide quality information (more than just the basics with case law and statutory support) on Michigan Divorce, Custody, Alimony and support.


How to get an Annulment in Michigan.

An annulment, is a judicial determination that the marriage did not occur. A divorce is the changing of the legal status by a court from married to unmarried. The grounds for an annulment in Michigan. The grounds recognized for an annulment in Michigan are: Bigamy (married to more than one person); A marriage to a[…]

Religious divorce and Michigan divorce law

Religious divorce and Michigan divorce law:  Religion plays an important role for many.  When a divorce is pending, religion can also play an important role. For the pious, a divorce through the courts is not enough and although they are required under Michigan divorce law, the parties will also seek a religious divorce. In Christianity[…]

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