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Can you move with kids now that you can work from anywhere?

In Michigan, several key legal provisions govern with respect to where you can live and move with your kids including Michigan Compiled Laws section 723.31(1). and Michigan Compiled Laws section 723.31(4)

Move out Michigan Divorce

The decision to move out of your house before divorce.

In almost every Michigan divorce the topic of moving out of the house must be addressed. Moving is tough especially when going through a divorce. Every Michigan divorce has an emotional component and the decision to move out of the home is not without emotional considerations. After all, you worked hard on making your home[…]

legal residence

Changing legal residence and the Michigan Child Custody Act.

Imagine getting divorced and learning you finally got that promotion.  However, the promotion requires you to change your legal residence to California?   Maybe the shoe is on the other foot.  What if you just got divorced only to learn your ex wants to move to California? There is nothing illegal about changing legal residence.  In[…]


Moving with children video (Changing domicile and Michigan divorce)

Michigan Divorce Education Series Moving with children:  This video Webinar is a comprehensive explanation of Michigan law and strategy covering changing domicile (moving with your minor children).  Key learning’s and strategies are discussed.  I am hopeful you find it both empowering and educational.  (run time – approx.  6 minutes) Michigan divorce law does not prohibit[…]


Changing domicile or residence in Michigan

Changing domicile:  Domicile explained!  Michigan divorce law does not prohibit a parent from travelling with your children.  You can even travel outside of the United States, provided the Country you are visiting has a treaty with the United States (most do under the Hague convention). While a vacation away from home with your kids is[…]

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