Forensic Accountant

Sometimes you need a Forensic Accountant. Sometimes, you don’t.

The divorce process can run the gamut from conflict-filled and full of negative emotion to straightforward and amicable. Yours will be somewhere in between the two. The goal of the divorce is to dissolve the marriage, and that includes divvying up all the assets. Sometimes you need a forensic accountant to move the process along.[…]


Fault.  Another fight of the century – Ali v. Ali (not really)

In the case of Ali v. Ali, the husband took an appeal from the trial court’s decision to award the wife 80% of the value of the marital home.  Why? Because the court found him at fault for lying to the court about his assets and income. While there is no requirement under Michigan law[…]


How to hide assets in a divorce case.

Why hide assets in a divorce case?   The answer is simple, to prevent sharing the assets with your spouse. WARNING:  Do not hide assets in a divorce case!  –  “Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time” – Baretta.  Hiding assets in a divorce case may be illegal and the consequences will likely[…]

Divorce tricks

The top five dirty divorce tricks

   The top five dirty divorce tricks Divorce can be coupled with anger, jealousy and other deep emotional triggers.  These triggers can result in revengeful gamesmanship or greed.  Some spouses will use every trick in the book to win at all costs. 1.  Conflicting out top attorneys: It is important to hire a top attorney[…]


Michigan divorce and domestic spying

Michigan divorce and domestic spying Is somebody watching me or am I just paranoid?  Michigan divorce and domestic spying.  By:  Daniel Findling In Michigan, fault can play a role in an alimony award, property division and even child custody cases.   Our Michigan divorce team has written several articles on the issue of fault: Michigan divorce[…]

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