Michigan divorce and domestic spying

Michigan divorce and domestic spying

Is somebody watching me or am I just paranoid?  Michigan divorce and domestic spying.  By:  Daniel Findling

In Michigan, fault can play a role in an alimony award, property division and even child custody cases.   Our Michigan divorce team has written several articles on the issue of fault:


While fault is an important consideration, it generally only plays a minor role in the majority of Michigan divorce and Michigan child custody cases.  Notwithstanding, many people go to great lengths to prove fault. Domestic spying is sometimes used to find hidden assets.  The secret stash of cash, silent business venture or secret spending accounts.

Domestic spying may including hiring of a private investigator, “bugging” a house with secret cameras, listing to telephone conversations, tracking computer keystrokes, copying emails or text messages and using GPS tracking devices.

Domestic spying by camera involves using a hidden camera to catch inappropriate activities.  Cameras can be hidden in DVR’s, smoke alarms and other innocuous devices such as a remote controls.  These cameras can even be remotely operated, battery powered and motion activated. Domestic spying equipment can be purchased online or from various spy shops.  A simple google search provided the following domestic spying items that can turn anyone into Magnum PI or 007.

  • Take for example the domestic spying camera MAC-SARIR.  This high resolution color and b/w smoke alarm hidden camera has a built in 20 hour rechargeable battery.  The camera is reported to provide 5 hours of motion activated real time video recording in day or night for $399.00.
  • The GPS 4-X is a miniature, self-contained, motion activated, magnetic, battery powered GPS tracking device.  The tracker provides 50 hours of use and automatically can store 360,000 vehicle positions.  All for $199.00.

Your computer and cell phone can also be vulnerable to snooping.  Spyware is available from multiple sources, and sometimes for free.  Spyware can allow the eavesdropper to monitor your phone calls, track your emails and text messaging.  Always remember to password protect your computer and phone.  Installing anti virus or spyware software on your computer is also a good idea.  If your computer is running slow or you suspect something is not right, consider taking it to a repair facility to check it out.

Warning signs of domestic spying are not often obvious.  If you find new things popping up around the house, the house seems recently modified or your spouse or others seem to know things about you that you have never shared, it may be cause for alarm.  Someone may be watching you. If you are concerned about domestic spying or considering participating in domestic spying, contact us beforehand.  In many circumstances domestic spying is also a crime.

Change is rarely easy, sometimes complicated and often emotional.   Our Michigan divorce attorneys are experienced in family law.  We utilize a team approach to focus on solutions by applying Michigan law properly.  We specialize in helping you focus on your goals, protect your property interests, manage your custody and support interest, and keep you happy in life’s most difficult circumstances.

Our commitment is to solve problems at an affordable cost. We love to settle cases, but are not afraid to fight.

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