The Unknown World of Divorce Court

One of the questions that invariably arises during family law cases is the subject of court. How often will I have to go to Divorce court? What happens when I go? And, do I even have to attend? While there is no secret formula or guaranteed answer, this article will attempt to address those common[…]

”I thought this would be faster”: Exploring the nuances of divorce timing in MI cases

A prior post discussed statutory waiting periods in Michigan for divorce matters. In this posting, the practical considerations with divorce timing are explored. Divorce timing – “I just want this to be over” Sound familiar? If this sounds like your mantra, you are not alone. Maybe the divorce has been several years in the making[…]

The formal Michigan divorce process – Divorce Steps

The formal Michigan divorce process – Divorce Steps:  In Michigan, a divorce follows a formal process and our Michigan divorce attorneys understand the steps and can help you navigate the process without turbulence.  The divorce steps for a Michigan divorce are as follows: Divorce steps – One:  Prepare and file Complaint for divorce and ex[…]

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