”I thought this would be faster”: Exploring the nuances of divorce timing in MI cases

A prior post discussed statutory waiting periods in Michigan for divorce matters. In this posting, the practical considerations with divorce timing are explored.


Divorce timing – “I just want this to be over”

Sound familiar? If this sounds like your mantra, you are not alone. Maybe the divorce has been several years in the making and the process is more a legal finalization rather than an emotional one. Or, maybe the initiation of the Complaint for Divorce is the beginning of both a legal and emotional journey. Wherever you stand in relation to your personal feelings, be neither discouraged nor surprised that the divorce process takes longer than you want.

As discussed previously, courts are not inclined to grant divorces prior to the statutory periods. When minor children are concerned, the courts may do so when it can be proven to be a compelling necessity or in the best interests of the children.

Divorce timing may be longer than what you want, particularly if you just “want it over.” Bear in mind, that a marriage is often many months, years, and even decades. The dissolution of one will take an appreciable time to ensure the details are not overlooked.

Divorce timing when – “We have already agreed to everything”

Perhaps your case is amicable in that you and your spouse have already divided up the property and hashed out the details. While that is helpful in eliminating animosity between the parties, the courts will still proceed with the statutory timing. Your attorney is your guide and legal counselor through this process but he or she cannot necessarily finalize your matter any quicker.

In addition to the timetable set by the court, different stages in the case are reached. After the initial filings, the court will assign court dates. Depending on the county, the judge, and whether minor children are involved, the first hearing may take place before either the judge or the Friend of the Court. Then there is a period of discovery, that is, the exchanging of relevant documentation. Mediation may be scheduled in your matter at a later juncture.

While having details outlined between you and your spouse may reduce the amount of court, and even attorney interaction, the process will not be expedited significantly. Additionally, while your attorney has an obligation to communicate with you regarding your case, often no news is good news. Divorce cases take time and often there are no daily updates.

Divorce timing – So, what can be done to move the case along?

With the understanding statutory periods are enforced by the courts, you can work to resolve legal issues in your case with an experienced attorney at Findling Law. Whether you have worked out the majority of your case or not sure how to even start, set up a free consultation and learn what options may be available to you. While a case will not be finalized overnight, learning what can be done to move your case forward is a goal Findling Law can accomplish with you.

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