Another case of an unfair settlement agreement or buyer’s remorse

On October 17, 2017, the Michigan Court of Appeals issued an opinion in the case of Jaroh v. Jaroh. After the parties signed a settlement agreement at mediation. However, before the court entered the Judgment of Divorce, the wife filed a motion to set aside the settlement agreement, claiming the terms were not fair, duress[…]

When is a deal a deal?

When is a deal a deal?  Settlements. I was recently approached by the editors of the Michigan Family Law Journal to write a monthly column on Michigan Divorce and Family Law.  The Michigan Family Law Journal is a publication of the State Bar of Michigan Family Law Section and serves as “Family Law Council’s forum to[…]

Settlement Agreement

Confidential Settlement Agreements

Divorce can be a public event but it does not have to be.  A divorce ends a marriage.  Unfortunately, for a private individual a divorce  can evolve into a public affair drenched in gossip.  Judgment of Divorce When a divorce is granted the judge signs a document called a Judgment of Divorce which is the[…]

change mind

Michigan divorce settlement agreement – When can you change your mind?

Michigan divorce settlement agreement: – When can you change your mind? Careful consideration should be taken before entering into a settlement agreement.  As once a settlement agreement is reached you usually cannot disavow it merely because you have a change of heart.   Courts must uphold divorce property settlements reached through negotiation and agreement of the[…]

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