Religious divorce and Michigan divorce law

Religious divorce and Michigan divorce law:  Religion plays an important role for many.  When a divorce is pending, religion can also play an important role.


For the pious, a divorce through the courts is not enough and although they are required under Michigan divorce law, the parties will also seek a religious divorce.

In Christianity the pious treat divorce negatively, and some Churches will not allow remarriage after a Michigan divorce without obtaining an annulment or religious divorce.

In Judaism, a Jewish religious divorce is called a get.  A get can be obtained by either a man or a woman through various mechanisms.

In Islam, there are separate rules for performing an Islamic religious divorce.  When a man has initiated the religious divorce it is called a talaq.  When a woman has initiated the divorce it is called khula.

In what only can be described as an extreme case, the New York Times recently reported that in a Brooklyn ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhood, a rabbi charged a women in excess of $60,000.00 for a religious decree to force her husband’s permission to obtain a get when her husband refused to do so.

Notwithstanding, the practice of demanding money from the pious and/or terms inconsistent with a Michigan Divorce Judgment to obtain a religious divorce spans all faiths.

Experienced lawyers recognize that when representing a religious client, it is important to negotiate the terms of a religious annulment, get, talag or khula before finalizing the terms of the Michigan divorce.   Otherwise you may risk having to renegotiate the essential terms of your Michigan divorce with your faith.

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By:  Daniel Findling

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