Summer parenting time with Covid. How to parent?

With Memorial Day in our rear-view mirror, we look forward to summer. Sunny days. Lemonade stands. Pool toys. Boats. Games of capture the flag. Ice cream trucks. Sleep-away camp. These are just some of the many things we associate with the summer months in the great State of Michigan. Unfortunately, we are entering summer during the most paralyzing pandemic in 100 years. How will the summer of 2020 compare to so many summers in the past? Well, one thing is for certain – this will be an unconventional and different summer for children everywhere and a divorce may complicate things further.


Summer parenting time without recreational activities and camp

Many parents look to the summer months to enroll and provide their children with interesting and fun activities, whether it be sleep-away camp, local sports leagues and activities, community gatherings and a host of other offerings. With COVID-19 still out there and people concerned about the health and well-being of our communities and our children, what sorts of activities will take place this summer? Is it safe to have 10 kids sleeping in a camp cabin, or 100 kids gathering at a local day camps and sports leagues? To err on the side of caution, we suspect many camps and activities will be cancelled this summer. However, there are some summer activities that are ok during Covid-19.

Is it time to modify custody or parenting time?

This will certainly create challenges for parents, especially those who are going through a divorce or have previously agreed upon summer and holiday schedules for camp, vacations, and parenting time. It may even be time to modify custody or parenting time. Maybe some camps or activities will become available later in the summer or with reduced amounts of campers and staff. Perhaps certain programming will be able to be completed virtually. Whatever you are able to do for your children this summer, we urge you not to forget about abiding by and honoring any custodial or parenting agreements.

Just because camp may be cancelled or your child’s summer schedule may vary does not mean you can unilaterally decide or change parenting time schedules without the consent and approval of your co-parent or, if contested, a Court or Friend of the Court. If your son or daughter is usually at camp on July 4th, do not just assume it is or is not your holiday time without discussion or confirmation.

Given everything going on these days, it is easy to forget about schedules and regiments. If you have questions about parenting and co-parenting your child this summer, please talk to your co-parent. If you are having issues, please contact your family lawyer to help. We are here always here to answer questions and assist you and your family (during normal times as well as unprecedented ones).  

By: Daniel Findling and Max Emmer

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