Someone to Lean On during a Divorce

Need someone to lean on during divorce? It may come as no surprise that a divorce may bring difficult times. The parties involved, the family, and even close friends may feel the impact of the process. You likely need someone to lean on. Emotions can range from relief, to despair, to anger, to hurt, to frustration, to fear, to hopelessness, and then resolution. If you are in the midst of a divorce or at the stage of contemplation, consider the following points.


Need someone to lean on?  You are not alone

A divorce is a dissolution of a marriage. As Michigan is a “no-fault” state, fault or culpability does not have to be proven to obtain a divorce. Furthermore, it only takes one party of a two-party union to end it. From a legal outlook, the threshold requirements are not difficult to prove. Therefore, the “right” to a divorce is straightforward.

From an emotional standpoint, this reality may be hard to swallow. We understand this process from both the legal and practical sides. Our attorneys are also known as “counselors” where we strive to understand clients’ interests and goals. We help them understand legal processes and potential outcomes. We become that “someone to lean on” during your divorce.

Need someone to lean on?  You have more than one supporter.

That being said, do not overlook your greatest supporters. Talk to family, friends, a therapist, a religious leader, or someone else you trust. If possible, do not involve your children as they are experiencing the divorce as well, just differently. Rather, seek out those who can provide an ear to listen and emotional support.

And, remember, we are always in your corner. While we may not know you as intimately as your personal therapist, family or acquaintances we are charged with handling the business aspects of your divorce and we are always here to listen. We can help bring legal clarity and support in an often-overwhelming process.

Riding an emotional roller coaster

For some, a divorce is akin to a roller coaster ride at Cedar Point. For others, the emotional side has already been dealt with and the legal process is merely a formality of an already-ended marriage. Both perspectives are common.

The initial filing may bring relief or fear as the matter gets underway. Throughout the case, those emotions may evolve into frustration and hopelessness. “I just want this to be over” may be a mantra you tell yourself time and time again.

All these feelings and more make sense. A divorce is a process, both in a legal sense and clearly in an emotional one. Understanding this and allowing oneself to feel is important. In so doing, this point hearkens back to the one above – understanding you are not alone in navigating this process.

Need someone to lean on?  We can help

At Findling Law, we understand both the legal and emotional considerations presented in divorce cases.  As attorneys and counselors, we are equipped to handle both. We also encourage you to seek out those you trust best and can be someone to lean on. We remain here to help you navigate the complexities of the law as well as the emotional impact. While a divorce may be difficult, we remain committed to bringing consolation, clarity, and contentment to you during this time.

Kristina Bilowus, Attorney and Counselor, Findling Law, PLC.


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By:  Daniel Findling

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