Spying on Spouse

The use of a Discovery deposition at trial

Discovery is the formal process by which you “discover” information relevant to the case. In a Michigan divorce, custody or family law case, discovery is conducted in three ways.  First, Interrogatories (think Interrogate) which are written questions which must be answered under oath and subject to the felony of perjury.  Second, a Subpoena, which is[…]

Divorce Trial

The Trials of a Divorce Trial

In the media, the law is often portrayed playing out dramatically in a courtroom. In reality, very few cases proceed to trial, with family matters being no exception to the general rule. While excessive litigation may be the misnomer, the following information briefly outlines some family law considerations when considering a divorce trial. What a[…]

Michigan divorce experts – When do you need expert testimony?

Michigan divorce experts – When do you need expert testimony?  Not every divorce case requires expert testimony.  However some do.  In  Michigan divorce cases there are three types of experts employed more than any other, a real estate expert, a valuation expert and a custody evaluator expert. The real estate expert is typically a certified[…]

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