Court Order

A court speaks through its orders, not its oral statements.

In the majority of divorce and family law cases, a court will issue its opinion from the bench. This is more common during motion call. The other times a court will issue a written opinion. Careful drafting is important because a court speaks through its orders. When a court issues its opinion from the bench,[…]

Child Custody

Michigan Child Custody determination of sole legal custody reversed by Court of Appeals

On September 11, 2018, the Michigan Court of Appeals in the case of Holmes v. Holmes reversed the trial court’s Michigan child custody determination awarding the father sole legal custody, requiring the trial court to examine the case again. What makes this case unique is the notion that a child custody award can only be[…]

Michigan Divorce Appeal – Navigating the Michigan Court of Appeals

 Michigan Divorce Appeal – Navigating the Michigan Court of Appeals:  Sometimes a trial court does not make the right decision.  A custody determination, property division or alimony award that is just wrong.  What can you do?  The answer is to request an appeal at the Michigan Court of Appeals. Generally, decisions from “final orders” of[…]


Michigan divorce law update: Fault matters

Fault matters and Divorce in Michigan:  On June 26, 2012, in Gill vs. Gill, Jr., docket no. 301839, the Michigan Court of Appeals upheld an award of approximately 75% of the marital estate to our client. The trial court found the husband significantly at fault for the marital dissolution. Daniel Findling argued at trial that[…]

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