Gifted property and inherited property

As a general proposition, gifted and inherited property are not divided on divorce. The first step a Michigan divorce attorney takes in analyzing property division in a divorce case is to classify the property as marital or separate property.  As a general proposition, property acquired by reason of the marriage or during the course of[…]

Michigan Divorce Appeal – Navigating the Michigan Court of Appeals

 Michigan Divorce Appeal – Navigating the Michigan Court of Appeals:  Sometimes a trial court does not make the right decision.  A custody determination, property division or alimony award that is just wrong.  What can you do?  The answer is to request an appeal at the Michigan Court of Appeals. Generally, decisions from “final orders” of[…]

Michigan Property division video

Michigan Divorce Education Series – Property division Divorce in Michigan  – Property Division:  This video Webinar is a comprehensive explanation of Michigan law and strategy covering property division.  Key learnings and strategies are discussed.  I am hopeful you find it both empowering and educational.  A summary of the topics covered is provided below.  (run time[…]

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