How to make your Divorce a living nightmare

How to make your Divorce a living nightmare:  Divorce can be one of life’s most stressful events.  Experts on stress suggest that you learn how to relax and pay attention to your emotional needs, keep yourself physically fit and maintain realistic goals to help you navigate the stress of divorce and move on with your life.   Not everyone follows the healthy path and their divorce becomes a living nightmare.


Here is a list of the things you can do to make your divorce a living nightmare.

1. Learn the rules by breaking them. 

Remedy:  It is a tough way to go through life learning everything the hard way.  Courts frown upon litigants who disregard court orders and break the rules.  Divorce brings more than enough problems and you can minimize the time, effort and expense of your divorce by following the rules.  Learn the basics of Michigan divorce law, ask questions, become empowered and listen to your lawyer.  

2.  Allow your emotions to fill the pressure keg and like the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back lash out emotionally.

Remedy:  Difficulties in relationship and uncertainty are stressful.  No one likes to be bullied, pushed around.  It is easy to happen and hard to prevent.  Learn how to relax and pay attention to your emotional needs, keep yourself physically fit and maintain realistic goals to help you navigate the stress of divorce and move on with your life.  Letting go of problems beyond your control can be healthy.  It is a good time to reach out to friends, family or a good therapist to help you cope.

3.  Keep score of fights.  Escalate the fight.  Be brutal.  Contest everything.

Remedy:  You can achieve your goals without being brutal.  A good divorce attorney knows how to use the legal system to obtain justice without escalating the fight.   You should muster the courage to think and act rationally.  Apologize when you make an error.  Take the high road and protect yourself from the insane and expensive fight that can negatively affect you and your children. 

4.  Have an affair and flaunt it.

Remedy:  Don’t have an affair and if you are, use discretion.  Anger, resentment and feelings of betrayal evoke emotions that can make even simple divorce cases complex.  You deserve to be happy.  However, your happiness can be viewed by your spouse as pain, complicating your divorce.

5.  Life is difficult and stressful.  Fall into a rut.

Remedy:  Divorce is often an unwelcomed change.  Make the divorce an opportunity to grow and improve your station in life.  You deserve to be happy.  If you do not deal with the nature of the problem you will likely make it worse.   Don’t be the 40 year old complaining about being bullied in the 5th grade.   A qualified divorce lawyer and therapist can help you navigate the change in a positive manner.

 6.  Dictate how things are to be done without input from others.  

Remedy:  Divorce is not always a ticket to a trouble free life.  No one likes to be told what to do without being heard.  Communication is often a solution.  A simple email, note or message can often solve many conflicts, even to an unresponsive, disrespectful recipient.

7.  Get relief in court or blame the Judge for not doing a great job.

Remedy:   The legal system often gets things wrong and the right lawyer can make a difference.  Judges hear hundreds of cases and facts get distorted, blurred and confused.  The legal system rarely works on the nature of a problem.  Rather, it is more like a band aid, addressing a problem well after the fact, and typically without all of the facts.  A good divorce lawyer helps simplify and clarify even the most complex problems through negotiations, settlement, and sometimes trial.

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