Taxes and Innocent Spouse Relief – Lindsay Lohan, Pamela Anderson, Nicolas Cage, Wesley Snipes and You.

Taxes and Innocent Spouse Relief:   We are fascinated with the failures and problems of celebrities and every year, the IRS chases people who evade or underpay federal income tax, and actors and popular figures in the media make the news.

The facts are tax problems are not only common among celebrities.

What if your spouse is to blame for the over-burdensome tax obligation?   The Innocent Spouse Relief can play a role in relieving you from exposure.  Innocent Spouse Relief is a program under the Department of the Treasury and provides relief from tax exposure for qualified individuals.

To qualify for Innocent Spouse Relief you must meet all of the following conditions:

  1. You filed a joint return;
  2. There is an understated tax on the return that is due to erroneous items of your spouse or former spouse;
  3. You can show that when you signed the joint return you did not know, and had no reason to know that the understated tax existed;
  4. Taking into account all the facts and circumstances, it would be unfair to hold you liable for the understated tax.

A divorce should create the opportunity to obtain a fresh start on your life.

What if you are to blame for the over-burdensome tax obligation?  If you have not paid your taxes, we can also help guide you compromise a tax obligation, and eliminate interest and penalties with the help of the appropriate tax experts.

We are in the divorce business to help and we never forget that.

We are here to help you navigate this journey by focusing on your goals.  If you have any questions concerning any aspect of the law, let me know. My direct line is 248-399-3300 or toll free: 877-968-7347.

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By:  Daniel Findling

The Divorce Guy, Michigan Divorce Attorneys and Specialists


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