Should I divorce? Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Johnny Depp, and you.

Deciding to divorce:  Celebrity break-ups make headlines.  For everyone else, break-ups make headaches. Deciding when enough is enough is never easy.  There are multiple considerations including the effect on children, financial and emotional happiness.   Whenever a relationship is on the rocks, I always advise my client’s of the three choices.  They are simple and obvious:


First, do nothing.

Second, go to counseling.

Third, a divorce, or divorce alternative, such as, a post-nuptial agreement or legal separation.

What is not obvious is that there is no “right” decision.

Sometimes, doing nothing at all is best.  For instance, if the fear of starting over, being alone, or the financial realty of divorce, outweigh the benefits, it might be best to do nothing. Counseling may be best if both parties are committed to solving the core problems in the relationship.  A divorce or divorce alternative may be best if there is no desire to preserve the marriage or if staying in the marriage is no longer tolerable.

Experience dictates that the best decisions are made after becoming informed.  You already know how to do nothing.  If both you and your spouse are committed to solving the nature of the problem, you should consider counseling.  Prior to deciding to file for divorce you should talk to an attorney.  The knowledge you gain may provide the strength and freedom you need to regain your happiness, your children’s happiness and possibly the quality of your life.

Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Johnny Depp, and you.  Deciding when enough is enough is easier after becoming fully informed.

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By:  Daniel Findling

The Divorce Guy, Michigan Divorce Attorneys and Specialists


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