Does my story even matter in a divorce case?

For many, divorce is very personal and individualized. Every party has his or her own story. And, each person should have the right to share that story. One of the challenges presented in family law, is to share an individual’s story while framing it in legal context. What do I mean? Read on.


The individual’s journey

While driving to the office this morning, I listened to a radio program that discussed whether or not someone should remain married to their spouse, all the while knowing the other spouse is a serial cheater. After a few moments my mind was made up. No way should the non-cheating spouse put up with such outrageous behavior! Who would? Well, the answer is, I’m only one person and I cannot speak for the lives of others. And knowing only one fact of the matter as in this case, serial cheating, is only one fact.  Cases are made up of many different variables and no single story is alike.

Some matters involve devastating facts of abuse, violence, cheating, and double lives. Other matters involve (as the last post discussed), parties that grew apart or learn they work better apart than together. The level of acrimony and pain a divorce case may have depends on the parties involved.

The legal journey

In Michigan law, terms such as an “equitable division” and “the best interest of the minor children” are legal terms of art you may hear. There is specific statutory and case law on a host of legal issues as they pertain to divorce matters. Fault, as a matter of law, is a factor but not a “be all to end all” determination. Fault does not have to be proven to be granted a divorce in MI.  Furthermore, courts must uphold the law in deciding divorce actions without becoming involved with the individualized nuances of the parties.

For parties, this can be extremely frustrating and disillusioning. An individual’s journey through marriage and divorce cannot be reconciled in the same fashion through the eyes of the court. Emotions, personalities, and feelings are not given significant consideration within the legal framework. It may seem like the court does not care; but in reality, the court’s obligation is to uphold the law.

Navigating your individual, legal journey

At Findling Law, we are committed to hearing and understanding your story. We serve as the advocate and voice for our clients’ needs. By combining legal expertise and compassion, we blend together the individual’s experience while navigating the legal dimensions. While the court does not have the ability or time to consider the individual aspects of a divorce matters, the professionals at Findling Law can. Consider speaking with a professional at Findling Law today to see how we can assist you.

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By:  Daniel Findling

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