Legal Separation in Michigan

If divorce has crossed your mind but you are not ready to file, you may want to consider legal separation. Deciding to stay or leave takes courage. Legal separation in Michigan can be as simple as a private agreement to separate to a legally enforceable document.

Separation in Michigan

Legal separation in Michigan

There are three types of legal separation in Michigan. The first type of legal separation in Michigan is called a Separate Maintenance Agreement. A Separate Maintenance Agreement is similar to a divorce. One party files a Complaint for Separate Maintenance with the court. Unlike a divorce were the court ends the marriage with a Judgment[…]

Legal Separation

Legal Separation in Michigan

Legal Separation in Michigan by:  Daniel Findling Legal separation in Michigan is different than other states.   While some states require a period of legal separation before a couple can get divorced, Michigan does not. Legal separation in Michigan is technically called a Separate Maintenance Agreement.  While it only takes one person to get divorced in[…]

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