Michigan divorce law update: The dangers of commingling property (assets).

Commingling assets and divorce in Michigan:  When dividing property in a divorce, a primary consideration is whether the property is ‘marital’ or ‘separate’.  As a general rule, property acquired by reason of the marriage or “during the course of the marriage” is marital and is likely subject to division in the event of divorce. Conversely,[…]

Michigan Divorce law – Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher divorce Do you need a prenup?

Prenup and divorce in Michigan:  NEWS FLASH:  “A year after the couple announced their split, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s divorce case is moving into the Los Angeles court system.” Ok, so maybe your net worth isn’t in excess of $290 million and the age gap between you and your spouse is not very large.[…]

Why Kim Kardashian does not have to give back her engagement ring.

Married for 72 days? Keep the ring! Etiquette books may say if a marriage has lasted less than a year, then an engagement ring should be returned. Michigan law, is not politically correct on this issue. If the Kim Kardashian divorce was filed in Michigan, she would get to keep the ring. Under Michigan law,[…]

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