Custody in Michigan – Best interest of the child factor (e)

Custody in Michigan – Best interest of the child factor (e) One of the twelve child custody factors set forth in the Child Custody Act is best interest of the child factor (e). Best interest of the child factor (e) examines the permanence, as a family unit of the proposed custodial home or homes.  Best interest[…]

Parenting time bracket

Parenting time bracket By:  Daniel Findling (c) 2015 Most people are familiar with a sports bracket but what about a parenting time bracket?  A sports bracket often accompanies a tournament and is a tree diagram matching different teams in a tournament such as the NCAA basketball tournament. A parenting time bracket can be used to[…]

Reasonable parenting time in Michigan

Reasonable parenting time in Michigan. Michigan divorce and Michigan custody law provides that children have a right to a relationship with both parents.   This is sometimes accomplished with an award of liberal and reasonable parenting time in Michigan for the parents or a specific reasonable parenting time schedule. Absent an agreement by the parties, the[…]

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