file for divorce

Did you really file for divorce? How to check now!

The decision to file for divorce can be painful. Sometimes more painful when you realize your spouse beat you to the punch. In this article, we will help you discover if your spouse (or friend) has already filed for divorce. Some lawyers will tell you that it is important to file for divorce first. The[…]

Emotional Divorce

The artist, the engineer and the emotional divorce

The artist, the engineer and the emotional divorce. When I was in law school, a comment by my Constitutional law professor, Robert Sedler, remains imprinted in my mind.  Professor Sedler commented something along the lines of: “the problems with stereotypes is that they are usually true.”  When I first heard this, I disregarded it as[…]


Michigan divorce law update: The Divorce Veteran benefits myth.

Divorce in Michigan and veterans benefits:  There is a myth regarding Michigan Divorce Veteran benefits and disability Veteran benefits.  The veteran benefits myth is that Congress clearly intended to protect veterans’ benefits from being awarded to anyone other than the veteran, including children and former spouses. The foundation of the veteran benefit myth likely stems[…]

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