Parenting time and visitation guidelines and directives

Parenting time and visitation guidelines and directives:  When parents are going through a divorce, it is not uncommon for children to struggle with the situation.  After all, children want to love both their parents, even if the parents may no longer love each other.


It can be difficult to shield your children from the stress and emotional turmoil of a divorce.  In an effort to help guide our Michigan divorce client’s we have compiled parenting time guidelines and directives, to help insulate your children from the stress of a divorce.

These parenting time guidelines and directives were compiled from variety of sources including prior orders and judgments.  So often, a parent is so angry or hurt that their children become victims of the divorce.  It is our hope that adhering to the following guidelines and directives will help your children transition through the Michigan divorce process more smoothly: 


  • That both parents shall consult together, respectfully and courteously, on a regular basis, concerning all major decisions involving the health, education and welfare of the minor children to promote agreement in the matters affecting the upbringing of their minor children.
  • That both parents shall treat the minor children respectfully and shall allow the minor children an opportunity to be heard.
  • That each parent shall promote a good relationship between the other parent and the minor children and shall encourage the minor children to adhere to the decisions, discipline and the rules of the other parent.
  • That each parent shall conduct him/herself with the best interest of the minor children foremost in his/her consideration at all times and thus are prohibited from fighting or arguing with one another or participating in any illegal activities while the minor children is/are in his/her respective care.
  • That neither parent shall speak disparagingly about the other parent, in the presence of the minor children, and that each parent shall ensure that his/her friends and family do not denigrate the absent parent in the presence of the minor children.
  • That neither parent shall question the minor children about the other parent and that neither parent should overtly or subtly encourage the minor children to complain about the other parent.
  • That each parent shall immediately advise the other parent of any difficulty, illness, emergency, or other significant event concerning the minor children, including school issues, health issues, or other significant issues concerning the minor child that either parent may have knowledge of; allowing both parents to share in the decisions regarding the health, education and welfare of the minor children.
  • That the parent who has knowledge of any school program, activity, sport or other significant event of the minor children which the parents are invited to attend, must give immediate notice to the other parent, to enable the other parent to attend.
  • That each parent agrees that he/she will inform the other parent of any medical provider, educational provider, activity sponsor, or sport director; including the address and telephone number of the same and any other important information concerning the minor children as well as copies of any documents they receive to the other party.
  • That each parent shall be entitled to have complete access to his/her minor children’s medical, psychological and education records, psychological and education records.
  • That while a party has physical custody of the minor children, that party shall be responsible for all routine decisions regarding the minor children.
  • That each party shall provide the other party with his/her current address, phone number, employment and any other subsequent changes.

These parenting time guidelines and directives are a practical and meaningful guide to protecting your children from the consequences of a divorce. They may not all be enforceable in a court of law, or make an angry person happy, but they are nonetheless, good, sound advice.

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By:  Daniel Findling

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