Michigan custody laws – the videos

Michigan child custody laws can be complex but don’t worry. We make it easy to help you understand this area of the law with the Michigan Divorce Education Series of videos entitled: Michigan custody laws – the videos.

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For example, Did you know that there are different types of custody? There is, legal custody involves major decisions concerning a child and physical custody involves where a child resides.

There is a difference between physical and legal custody in Michigan divorce law.

Want more detail? In this Child custody video we examine child custody law from the basics to the nitty gritty details.

Michigan Child Custody law – the basics and the details.

If there is an existing child custody order and things need to change, the custody modification video will help you understand the process to modify child custody under Michigan law.

How to modify child custody under Michigan law – from the basics to the details.

The importance of an established custodial environment cannot be understated in any custody determination as it establishes the burden of proof required to establish or modify child custody. In this video, we examine what the established custodial environment is and how it determines the applicable burden of proof.

Which parent has the child looked to for the regular necessities of life for an appreciable period of time?

In a contested child custody case, a court may order a child custody evaluation with psychological testing. Don’t worry, we have this topic covered as well.

It is so important.

The importance of considering an established custodial environment cannot be understated because the different burden’s of proof can change the outcome of a custody case.

Our Core Values.

The child custody videos in this post is a sample of the dozens of videos on Michigan divorce and is part of the Michigan Divorce Education Series by Findling Law. We invite you to explore the series, ask questions and reach out with any questions.


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