Michigan Child Support Formula Manual 2021 – Change is here!

The Michigan Child Support Formula Manual an the Michigan Child Support Formula Supplement were updated. The new guidelines are effective January 1, 2021.

Child Support
2021 Michigan Child Support Formula Manual Major Changes

The 2021 Michigan Child Support Formula Manual provides the formula utilized by Michigan Court’s to determine a child support obligation. With very limited exceptions Michigan Court’s may not deviate from the formula. The State of Michigan provides a child support calculator app to help you calculate child support. In addition, the MiChildSupport application provides information on applying for child support with State assistance.

Determining income for child support purposes can be complicated. For example, can a court impute overtime income in calculating child support?

How to determine income for child support?

What about modifying child support? Did you know there is a threshold of proper cause or change of circumstances?

It is important to note there are many changes to the Michigan Child Support Formula which went into effect in January 2021. The changes to the 2021 child support manual and supplement are summarized below:

MCSF SectionChange
1.04(E)Deleted incarceration deviation reason due to addition of incapacitation section.
1.04(E)Increased administrative cost deviation threshold to $20.
2.01(C)(6)Clarified handling of capital gains.
2.01(E)(4) (e)Clarified use of straightline depreciation.
2.01(G)Updated potential income language to include new federal regulation requirements, and to follow existing caselaw.
2.01(I),(J),(K)Clarified handling of dependent benefits.
2.07(A)Updated Alimony/Spousal Support for Tax Cuts and Jobs Act changes.
2.08Increased adjustment for Additional Children.
3.03(B)Clarified parental time offset does not apply to nonparent custodian calculations.
3.04Added two new exceptions when a court may permit handling all medical expenses as “additional medical expenses.”
3.05Updated Health Care Coverage for statutory changes.
3.05Clarified Dependent Benefit Credit limited to benefits counted as payer income.
4.01(D)Clarified parental time offset does not apply to nonparent custodian calculations.
4.02Added new Incapacitated Parent section.
SUPPLEMENTUpdate tables and schedules for economic changes.
S-3.01Added incapacitated parent as a substantial change warranting a support review.
S-3.02Updated section on determining which parent should be ordered to maintain coverage.
S-3.04Added new Adjusting Incapacitated Parerents’ Obligations section.
S-3.05Added new Crediting Government Insurance Program Dependent Benefits section.
2021 Changes to the Michigan Child Support Formula Manual

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How to determine income for child support purposes

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