Eating margarine causes divorce in Michigan.

If you are married and live in Michigan . . .


Eating margarine causes divorce in Michigan.


When marketing my divorce practice, I rely on data.  I examine divorce metrics such as the divorce rate, income, age and education of potential divorcees.  After all, marketing is expensive and data can help develop strategies to target market.

In statistics, Pearson r measures the correlation between two variables and is widely used in the sciences.  A Pearson r value of 0 means there is no correlation and a value of 1 means a perfect relationship. 

For example, the Pearson r (correlation) between marriage and divorce would have to be 1 because you have to be married to get divorced and the correlation between elephants and divorce would likely be zero, no correlation.  After all, there are not many married elephants.

Remarkably, the Pearson r correlation between margarine consumption and divorce in Michigan is .97, a 97% correlation.  (Source:  US Census & USDA data /

Divorce rate in Michigan and Per capita consumption of margarine (US)

Michigan margarine

You have to be kidding I thought!  The data must be flawed.  It is not.

I checked our closest neighbor, Ohio.  The correlation between consumption of margarine and the divorce rate in Ohio.  You guessed it, .97 also a 97% correlation.

Divorce rate in Ohio and Per capita consumption of margarine (US)

Ohio Margarine

Ok, this was getting weird, I so I checked Maine.  The correlation is .99 a 99% correlation.  I started to worry about my married friends from Maine.

Divorce rate in Maine and Per capita consumption of margarine (US)

Maine margarine


Does eating margarine really cause divorce?

Of course not.  The correlation between margarine consumption and divorce is real (at least in Michigan, Ohio and Maine).  However, a correlation between two variables is not the same as causation. 

The high Pearson r correlation between margarine and divorce is simply a coincidence, luck, spurious. 

Sometimes things do not go as planned and you find yourself on the wrong side of good luck.  If you know someone who is stuck in their situation, we can help.

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The law is like data, subject to interpretation

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