What is a divorce coach and do you need one?

It seems that there’s a coach for everything these days, and that includes divorce, too. While your Findling Law lawyer is your most trusted expert when it comes to all of the legal and strategic aspects of your divorce, you may find that you could use some other types of support during this challenging time. That’s where divorce coaching comes in.


What is Divorce Coaching?

Whether you are just contemplating ending your marriage or fully in the throes of the divorce process, you may find that you need more than legal advice. Of course, you do need legal advice and you should have legal advice. You absolutely have to protect yourself, your assets, your children, your future. But, you may also find yourself feeling overwhelmed. You might be confused, sad, frustrated, exhausted, and/or grieving. That’s a lot to manage at once, especially if your children need support because they are also confused, sad, frustrated, exhausted, and/or grieving. You may be wishing for one solid, objective person who doesn’t have an opinion about how you should be dealing with it all, like your friends and family seem to.

A divorce coach can be the hand you hold to get through it all, to help you see things more objectively, more clearly, and to assist you in tackling some of the big (and little) issues that have to be resolved. You can’t put things on hold forever, and some things just can’t be put on hold at all, despite how hard they may be to face. It’s like having a caring friend – a no-baggage relationship — that you can trust to help you figure out what your goals in life are and how you could possibly ever meet them.

While your lawyer will help you navigate through the legal system with as few obstacles as possible, a divorce coach will help you mentally and emotionally as you take each step forward. A divorce coach is not going to do it all for you, but rather will help you appreciate everything you need to take care of and how you can get it done. Being able to take care of emotional issues and work through practical tasks, like deciding on a new home or finding a new school for the kids or understanding when or how to change jobs. There is a lot of change that comes with divorce, and every bit of that change needs careful consideration plus foresight to see what may be ahead.

I’m good. I don’t need the help.

It would be fabulous if everyone who was divorcing was so strong as to not need any support other than from their lawyer. But, the reality is that divorce carries with it ill feelings, animosity, anger, pain, resentment and other really heavy, negative emotions that can be paralyzing. And, for some people, it’s really hard to see past these deep, negative emotions and recognize that you can get through all the decisions that life is throwing at you right now and find happiness again.

What is a divorce coach going to do?

While every divorce coach is going to be a bit different, you can expect a few similarities across the industry. A divorce coach will not tell you to get a divorce, nor will a divorce coach stop you from getting divorced. Most divorce coaches will be your sounding board. Say what you need to say and lay out your problems. The divorce coach isn’t going to judge you or your ex, but will be an objective audience and help you see other sides than your own – not for the purpose of trying to change your mind or make you “give in” to something. The divorce coach’s job is to help you be less overwhelmed. When you are less overwhelmed, you are more confident. When you are more confident, you make better decisions. When you make good decisions, well, you are moving toward your new happiness.

The goals of a divorce coach are, actually, to help you identify and work toward (if not attain) your own goals. In every case, a divorce coach will help you to put your past aside (not bury it), look to the future, figure out your priorities, build confidence, save time, and communicate better (with everyone – your ex, your kids, your lawyer). In many instances, people who choose this career path are themselves divorced and have first-hand knowledge of the types of challenges you are facing.

A Divorce Coach Does NOT Replace Your Lawyer

A divorce coach is not taking the place of your attorney, and will not give you legal advice. That’s the role Findling Law.

A divorce coach will not give you any kind of mental health diagnosis or assume that you need one, either. On the contrary, whatever your unique collection of concerns, difficulties or issues entails, you can expect the divorce coach to be unbiased and non-judgmental, and to accept them – and you – and work with you toward resolving those issues.

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