Lorie Savin – Oakland County’s New Family Court Judge

On November 3, 2020, Lorie Savin was elected to the Oakland County Circuit Court, defeating Bloomfield Township resident Clarence Dass. Judge Savin will replace Judge James Alexander, whose term expires on December 31, 2020.

Lorie Savin
Hon. Lorie Savin

Lorie is an expert in Michigan divorce and family law having served as an Oakland County Friend of the Court referee most recently for the Judge Lisa Langton.

I have tried many cases before referee Lorie Savin and find her compassionate, knowledgeable and fair. Three wonderful qualities for a Michigan Divorce and Family Court Judge.

According to Judge Savin’s website:

[A]s an Oakland County Circuit Court Family Division Referee, Lorie conducts hearings and makes recommendations to the court in approximately 300 motions and 1,500 child support and parenting time enforcement hearings annually. She has successfully served as a judicial officer for more than 17 years. This experience as a judicial officer makes her the most qualified candidate to serve as a judge. . . For more than 25 years, Lorie has fought for families, children’s futures, and fairness in the court system. Her journey included work at legal aid, a non-profit organization, a Fortune 100 company, a small law firm, and the Oakland County Circuit Court’s Family Division. Now, she wants to bring her compassion, experience, and strong work ethic to the bench as your next Oakland County Circuit Court Judge.


When Judge Lori Savin asked me for her endorsement I did so without reservation or concern. Her compassion, preparedness and experience make her an excellent jurist and a competent addition to the Oakland County Family Court bench.

By:  Daniel Findling

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