Where to find divorce help in Oakland County

This article on where to find divorce help in Oakland County was inspired by the Oakland County Friend of the Court handout with the same title and I felt sharing it worth sharing with our audience.


Divorce help in Oakland County at Findling Law

While I recognize I may be stating the obvious, you can find divorce help in Oakland County at Findling Law and can help you manage your situation.  Many people struggle with the uncertainties of life.  Which is one of the reasons we created Michigan’s most comprehensive website on Divorce and Family law, the Michigan Divorce Education Video Series and articles on everything related to divorce, custody and family law issues to help people find divorce help in Oakland County.   You can ask questions with our live chat function or schedule a free confidential consultation with our experienced divorce, custody and family law specialists.

Additional Resources / divorce help in Oakland County.

Child Abuse Neglect Council                   (248) 332-7172

DHS-Children’s Protective Services        (855) 444-3911

Parents Helpline                                      (800) 942-4357

Common Ground crises intervention       (800) 231-1127

Easter Seals Family Mental Health          (800) 75-SEALS

HAVEN crises line (domestic violence)    (248) 334-1274

Divorce Help in Oakland County – Legal Aid

Findling Law is a fee based service, while we manage a select number of pro bono cases these cases are referred from agencies.  The following list of free legal aid resources in Oakland County was provided by the Oakland County Friend of the Court.

Common Ground free legal clinic website.

Family Law Assistance Project website.

Legal Aid and Defender Association       (248) 858-0012

University of Detroit Mercy mobile law    (313) 596-98-5

Women’s Divorce Resource Center        (248) 707-1564

About Findling Law:

I have been in practice for 20 years and practice exclusively in divorce and family law.  My practice includes several attorneys who share the core value of practicing law to help people navigate change in their life, without compromising principles.  We have extensive experience in high socio-economic, high profile and high conflict cases which has nurtured a skill set applicable to all divorce and family law cases regardless of socio-economic status.  We recognize that it is the application of the law that is most important aspect of practice.  That is why we provide more free information on divorce and family law than any other Michigan law firm.

We want to help you manage your situation. Let our exceptional legal team help you . . .


Local: +1 (248) 399-3300 – toll free:   (877-YOUR FIRM)

After hours emergency?:  +1 (707) 968-7347

Or email me at:   Daniel@Findlinglaw.com

By:  Daniel Findling

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