Is securing vaccination in a child’s best interest?

Is vaccinating your child in his/her best interest?

Is securing vaccination in a child’s best interest?

Like any parent with children there came a time where my wife and I discussed vaccination for our children was appropriate.  After all, every parent wants to protect their child from every possible risk and the information (or misinformation) regarding vaccination is all over the map. 


When parents cannot agree on an issue, Michigan divorce and Child Custody courts will provide the answer, even regarding sensitive medical decisions like should you vaccinate your child?  

In the case of Kagen v. Kagen, decided July 14, 2015, the Michigan Court of Appeals issued an opinion on the vaccination debate.  In the Kagen case, one parent wanted the children vaccinated and the other parent did not. 

The pro-vaccination camp includes the Center for Disease Control, the National Institute of Health, the Food and Drug Administration and the majority of physicians like Dr. Peter Lipson, who in an article written for Forbes magazine explains that vaccination works by exposing a child to a germ.  The immune system develops a memory for the germ, creating anti-bodies to defend against diseases and eliminates diseases such as small pox.

The anti-vaccination camp include Chiropractic pediatrics, Donald Trump and holistic physician’s like Dr. David Brownstein, director of the Center for Holistic Medicine, who in an article written for his blog explains that vaccinations cause autism and the Center for Disease Control is covering up the science.

In the Kagen case, thttp://Thedivorceguy.comhe parent against vaccination introduced into evidence a blog post by Dr. David Brownstein entitled:  “Should Mickey and Minnie Mouse be Vaccinated?” to support the position that vaccines are harmful.  In his blog post, Dr. Brownstein examines the 2015 measles outbreak in Disneyland.  Dr. Brownstein articulates his belief that the Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccine is linked to autism and the Center for Disease Control is involved in a fraudulent cover-up regarding vaccination of children.

The Michigan Court of Appeals specifically determined that Dr. Brownstein’s blog post is not trustworthy (See:  Kagen, pg. 5) and found the studies from the Center for Disease Control and other federal agencies trustworthy, (Kagen, pg. 9) holding:

“A review of the parties’ evidence clearly supports that vaccination of children is in their best interests, unless the child’s medical condition contraindicates vaccination.”  

Simply put, The Michigan Court of Appeals has decided that securing vaccination is in a child’s best interest unless a medical condition contraindicates vaccination. 

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