No fault divorce in Michigan

No fault divorce in Michigan

By:  Daniel Findling

No fault divorce in Michigan became effective on January 1, 1972.  The no fault divorce in Michigan statute is located in Michigan compiled laws section 552.6 and provides that a divorce may be filed upon the allegation that there is a “breakdown of the marriage relationship to the extent that the object of matrimony have been destroyed and there remains no likelihood that the marriage can be preserved.”


No fault divorce in Michigan requires no other explanation for the grounds for divorce.   Prior to the January 1, 1972 no fault divorce in Michigan statute, people would have to allege specific grounds to obtain a divorce.  The old requirement to establish a specific ground for divorce was called “fault” divorce.

The old “fault” requirement for divorce was likely repealed because people were saying and doing whatever was necessary to get around the law and get a divorce.  People wanted to get divorce and they would create a “ground” for divorce, sometimes making things up and placing the parties and their children in an expensive, hostile and adversarial position.

Today, a no fault divorce in Michigan does not require the parties to establish a reason why they want to get a divorce.  A breakdown of the marriage relationship is sufficient.

However, just because the legislature established no fault divorce in Michigan does not mean that a person’s conduct does not matter. Fault can play a role in custody, alimony and property disputes.

Our Michigan divorce lawyers have extensive experience in addressing the issue of fault in a Michigan divorce.  Here are some articles on fault and Michigan divorce:

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By:  Daniel Findling

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