Divorce attorney for men or women in Michigan?

You may be tempted to seek out a divorce attorney for men or women only. There are a lot of attorneys who market themselves as representing men in divorce only or woman in divorce only.


The truth about Divorce Attorney for Men or Women

The truth is, an experienced divorce attorney understands divorce regardless of gender. The key to understanding how to represent men in a divorce is to understand how to represent women in divorce.

Divorce is stressful for most, for some it is a relief. A person will usually experience some form of denial, shock and confusion before being able to let go of the relationship. Unfortunately, in addition to navigating the emotional component of a divorce, you must also choose an attorney.

Client’s should focus on setting and achieving goals rather than gender. A divorce attorney for men is no different than a divorce attorney for women. What matters if if the divorce attorney is competent, experienced and qualified.

The most competent, experienced and qualified divorce attorneys represent both men and woman. They understand the nuances in representing both.

Instead of hiring a divorce attorney for men only or a divorce attorney for woman only, hire a smart, compassionate and honest divorce attorney.

Hire a divorce attorney who will help you set clear and defined goals. Most importantly, hire a divorce attorney that is a good fit. You should be comfortable with your divorce attorney’s working style, communication skills and courtroom experience.

Think about it. Financial decisions, property division, business valuation and debt allocation are gender neutral. In fact, recent court decisions have made, child custody, parenting time and child support gender neutral as well.

Your Michigan divorce attorney should not only has a basic understanding of Michigan divorce law, he/she should understand the latest changes in the law and more importantly how to apply the law to help you achieve your goals.

Top 10 divorce questions to ask your divorce lawyer.

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