After divorce

7 Tips to Rebuilding After Divorce: Feeling Alone

Indecisive, Lonely, Angry, Afraid or All of the Above after divorce? Self-help advice is everywhere these days, so if you need to rebuild when feeling alone, indecisive, lonely, angry, afraid or all of the above, you have plenty of resources at your disposal. Get stared with our 7 tips to rebuilding after divorce. 1.  Rebuilding[…]

Michigan revenge porn

Revenge porn in Michigan – I have these pictures . . .

Revenge Porn in Michigan Divorce cases. As a Michigan divorce lawyer, I have learned to help clients manage emotions.  However, when a party is engaged in extra-marital sexual contacts or an affair, the emotional response can be overwhelming. Client’s often approach my office with visual evidence of an affair.  Sometimes, the evidence is obtained from[…]


Creating a Co-Parenting Plan

Co-Parenting Plan One of the biggest challenges in a divorce is the determination of how time with the child (or children, as the case may be) will be split between the parents. A written document outlining how the parents will raise the child after divorce (and, sometimes, after separation), is called a co-parenting plan, visitation,[…]


How to Collaborate with Teachers When You are Divorcing

So much has gone on in your life since your divorce process began, and there just isn’t a single corner of it that hasn’t been turned upside down. For your child, multiply this by a hundred. You have always been there for your child where school is concerned, and you will be now as well.[…]

Child Support

The 2017 Michigan Child Support Formula Manual

The 2017 Michigan Child Support Formula Manual (“MCSFM”) The last time the Michigan Child Support Formula Manual was updated was 2013.  The major changes to the 2017 Michigan Child Support Formula Manual are set forth on pages “i” and “ii” and are restated below. The phrase “Extraordinary medical” was changed to “additional medical” and “third[…]

Hon. Jeffrey Matis

Oakland County Divorce Court – Changes

Change is coming to the Oakland County Circuit Court – Family Division which is more commonly referred to as the Oakland County Divorce Court.  At Findling Law, we have the great privilege of appearing before divorce courts throughout the state of Michigan.  One of these courts is the Oakland County Divorce Court. Recent Changes to the[…]


6 Things to Know When Considering Divorce

Making the choice to divorce is a big deal. A really big deal.  You won’t be making this decision on a whim, nor should you make it without empowering yourself with information. Here are 6 things you need to know when considering divorce.       Know when to see a lawyer. A divorce is[…]

kids get along

When the Kids Don’t Get Along

Everyday life with kids can be tricky, no matter what age they are. Sometimes, kids don’t get along, and some may seem to get along rarely, if ever. This can take a toll on the rest of the family, especially when a major life change is occurring, like a divorce. When the kids just seem[…]


It Takes a Village: Who to Consult During a Divorce?

Divorce means an endless number of things to think about, plus an endless supply of emotion to contend with at the same time. Everything you knew to be solid and secure is now uprooted and potentially at risk. Change is in the wind. Big change. That’s why it’s critical that you consult with the people[…]

Stop living in fear

Living in fear. “I’m Afraid of My Spouse”

When you are living in fear of your spouse, you need to take action to protect yourself and your children. Sure, couples quibble and argue and sometimes it can get loud or last a day or two. But, it is not normal for one spouse to instill fear in the other or cause physical harm.[…]


Nesting – New Age Parenting After Divorce

When you’re going through a divorce, there is a lot to think about. When children are involved, they can be one of the biggest sources of both comfort and worry during this major life change. Whether you get along with your spouse or not, it can be very tricky to figure out the best living[…]

dog and divorce

My dog and divorce. (ok. cats too)

When I got married, my wife had a cat.  I love my wife but I don’t like cats.  Now we have a dog and ironically, the dog has bonded with my wife.  For many, issues relating to a dog and divorce (note – when I say dog, the same rules also apply to cats, horses, ferrets,[…]

upset child

Deciding to Stay Together or Divorce: Effects on Kids

We talk about the mechanics and strategies of divorce a lot in our blog, as you would expect.  But, it’s important to also take a wider look at the effects on kids that your divorce – or decision not to divorce- may have. Staying Together may have negative effects on kids You may have been[…]


Can a divorce court require a parent to take a child to church?

Lawyers in Oakland County fondly refer to Wednesday as cattle call day because Wednesday is miscellaneous motion call.  A motion requests a judge to make a decision on an issue and one of the issues argued last Wednesday was if a divorce court can require a parent to take a child to church? My opposing[…]

divorce is your fault

What if the divorce is your fault?

There is confusion among clients and even some lawyers of the role fault plays in a divorce.  Which beg’s the question:  Does it matter if the divorce is your fault? The answer to the question is it may. Michigan No-fault divorce It is important to understand what no-fault divorce actually is.  No-fault divorce is the[…]

The seven stages of divorce (Brexit)

The seven stages of the Brexit divorce

The seven stages of the Brexit divorce The European Union is breaking up.  The UK is leaving the European Union and the world reaction is similar to the seven stages of divorce. The headlines are as dramatic as the most emotional divorce. “Political chaos hits Britain Labor Party leader fights ‘coup’ try, Scotland may attempt[…]


Extracurricular activities – Paying for baseball, dance, hockey, music, soccer . . .

Dance support, baseball support, hockey . . . The National Center for Education Statistics reports that students who participate in extracurricular activities have higher grade point averages, fewer unexcused absences and have higher expectations to continue in college.  Simply put, children who participate in extracurricular activities do better in school; Sounds like a no-brainer right? […]

college support

College Support

Every year thousands of Michigan children will start college for the first time and college support is an agreement to provide support for college expenses.  Unlike child support which typically ends when a child turns 18 and graduates high school, college support continues after graduation from high school (and after a child turns 18). There[…]


Who gets the house in a divorce?

Who gets the house in a divorce? Sometimes the answer to simple questions are complex and the question “who gets the house in a divorce?” is a perfect example of this adage. The answer to the question, “who gets the house in a divorce?” is . . . it depends. The general rules of property[…]

burden of proof

The burden of child custody – burden of proof case law

When fighting for custody in a Michigan divorce or custody case you have an obligation to prove your claims with evidence.  This obligation is called the burden of proof. The different Michigan child custody burden of proofs are: Clear and convincing evidence which requires evidence that the claim is very highly probable; and Preponderance of[…]


The end of child support in Michigan

The end of child support in Michigan Everything comes to an end, including the obligation to pay child support.  Which begs the question, when is the end of child support in Michigan? The answer to the question is found in two Michigan laws, the Child Custody Act of 1970 and the Michigan Support and Parenting[…]

living together

Living in sin? It’s against the law to live together before marriage in Michigan!

Think twice before deciding to live together before marriage in Michigan – It’s against the law! It is really true.  It is against the law to live together before marriage in Michigan.  Living together before marriage is also called cohabitation and is a crime in Michigan.  The law likely enacted to promote marriage. The cohabitation[…]

legal dictionary

A car accident defines physical custody in Michigan (finally).

The phrase “physical custody” has a troubled history and future in Michigan.  In fact, the “physical custody” is also viewed by many as politically incorrect.  After all, who wants to think of a parent having physical custody of a child. The future of the phrase also seems at risk as many Michigan divorce and custody[…]


Michigan Custody update: Snyder signs the Rape Survivor Custody Act

The Rape Survivor Custody Act protects woman who become impregnated by a rapist. Governor Snyder singed the Rape Survivor Custody Act set forth in Michigan Senate bill 858 and Michigan House bill 4481 were reconciled and signed into law by Governor Snyder on May 3, 2016. Widely lauded by conservative right to life groups who[…]

lets make a deal

Let’s make a deal – Child support agreement?

Although Michigan law requires child support to be paid in accordance with the Michigan Child Support Formula Manual, people often enter into a child support agreement that deviates from the formula.  In certain circumstances were application of the Michigan Child Support Formula Manual would be unjust or inappropriate, the parties, with approval of the court[…]