What to do with the wedding photos after divorce?

When it comes down to divvying up the possessions you and your spouse accumulated over the course of your marriage, it may be pretty clear as to who wants what. You might love that comfy family room couch, while your spouse has always been smitten by the antique armoire. Whatever the case, you likely know what you want and can fairly easily part with the rest. But, what to do with the wedding photos after the divorce? You spent hundreds (maybe thousands) to have them professionally taken on a day when you looked and felt you absolute best.


Do you cry when you see them? Want to tear them into a thousand tiny pieces? Burst into tears? Some say you can’t undo what is done by destroying the wedding photos after divorce and other mementos. Others say that every single photo tells a tale of who you are at different points in your life, with each moment contributing to the person you are today, and that makes these photos – and photos of all your past relationships and moments in your life – worth keeping.

Wedding photos after divorce – How Sentimental Are You?

Everyone has their own level of sentimentality. When it comes to wedding photos after divorce, those photos and other wedding mementos are physical reminders of something you might prefer to forget. Even if it there are no hard feelings between you and your spouse now, these items can bring up emotions and memories that you don’t need to relive. You and your spouse may no longer have any interest in your wedding photos or family photos, but someone in your world might.

At some point during the breakdown of your marriage, you probably collected all of your wedding photos displayed around the house and put them away to help you begin the process of healing and rebuilding your life. So, now you have a stash of photos in frames, albums, or loose in a shoebox that need attention.

Wedding photos after divorce may be Important to Someone, Even if That Someone Is Not You

If you had kids with your spouse, these photos are meaningful to them. They tell the story of a family and show happy times during their childhood. These photos fill in the blanks and help the child know he was loved, despite how his parents’ relationship turned out. Author Monica Bielanko puts it this way: “When the family you come from no longer exists, when your parents try to eliminate all evidence they ever loved; it creates a sliver of shame about your family and yourself.”

Make those photos available to the kids. You don’t have to leave them out for display, of course. But, if requested, allow your kids to look at them and ask questions. No need to look at them yourself, either. Unless you want to. And when the kids are older and move out, send the photos with them.

Ask Someone Else to Store the Wedding Photos

It may just be too painful for you on multiple levels to store the photos in your own home, even though you recognize that they should be kept somewhere.

Ask a trusted family member or friend to store them for you. One day you will know exactly what you need to do with them, or your kids will be old enough to house those photos themselves. Until then, avoid regret by keeping them safe in someone else’s possession.

Wedding photos after divorce?  There’s always the Fireplace. Or Dumpster. Or Shredder.

If you never had children and your divorce was anything but amicable, you might be ready to just get rid of the photos of the past. Tossing, shredding, or burning. There is satisfaction there. Some say it’s therapeutic. Clearly, it’s the ultimate in closure.

Our goal here at Findling Law is to help you with all the matters of your divorce so that you can find happiness again. What to do with the wedding photos after divorce is a personal matter for you. We want you to be at peace and be comfortable with your decisions and the path that you are choosing to take as you move forward toward your new happiness.  As with everything you do, take time to make sound, reasoned decisions that are in line with your principles. And, should you need us, know that we are here to help. Contact us anytime! 

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By:  Daniel Findling

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