Parenting Guilt

Feel Like a Parenting Failure After Divorce? Parenting guilt? You’re Not Alone

It’s called parenting guilt, and all parents feel it at one time or another. In fact, the best of parents in the most secure relationships with excellent financial and emotional security can feel it. So, if you’re in the process of divorce or are newly divorced, it’s not unusual to feel like a parenting failure.[…]

Kids and divorce

When the Kids Don’t Get Along

Everyday life with kids can be tricky, no matter what age they are. Sometimes, kids don’t get along, and some may seem to get along rarely, if ever. This can take a toll on the rest of the family, especially when a major life change is occurring, like a divorce. When the kids just seem[…]

divorce with children

Some thoughts on divorce with children

Some thoughts on divorce with children This letter is written from the perspective of an experienced divorce and family lawyer and not an expert opinion of a mental health professional.  A mental health professional may agree or disagree with this letter.  If you are considering divorce, have been divorced or are going through a divorce[…]

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