Holiday parenting time

6 Tips for Surviving the Holiday Custody Schedule

Resolving your holiday visitation and custody schedule is yet another element of separation and divorce that needs to be settled, and survived. In a recent article, we explained how holiday visitation is resolved in Michigan. The holiday custody schedule might end up being very different from what you were expecting. How can you cope when[…]

Holiday parenting time

All I want for Christmas is holiday visitation

The Christmas (Hanukkah, Kwannzaa . . .) holidays give plenty of reasons to be stressed out.  Add a holiday visitation dispute to the season and the stress level can reach epic proportions. Holiday visitation in Michigan is governed by Michigan Compiled Laws section 722.27a which provides that visitation shall be granted in accordance with the[…]

Holiday parenting time

Holiday Parenting Time in Michigan

Holiday Parenting Time in Michigan The holidays can be overwhelming for families that are divorced or in the process of getting a divorce.  While the holidays are traditionally spent as one family, after divorce, the holidays are typically celebrated in two different households sharing similar (or different) traditions.  While many Michigan divorce and Michigan custody[…]

Christmas parenting time (visitation) after divorce?

Christmas parenting time (visitation) after divorce:  More than 8 out of 10 Americans anticipate stress during the holiday season according to the American Psychological Association. (  The stress felt by individuals during or after a divorce is probably higher, especially during Christmas. In Michigan, the divorce and custody court give the parties leeway in fashioning[…]

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